Fundraiser 2014

We appreciate your interest in our product. Please read the following information regarding our fundraiser.

We currently have 4 products to offer:

1. Kidz Sticks (part of the fundraiser)

Kidz Sticks are good quality vinyl labels with full color pictures and your child’s name printed on it to label pens, pencils, books, water bottles and even lunch boxes. These stickers are designed to stick to any smooth and clean surface. A Packet of 120 labels cost R65. Standard included in all Kidz Sticks label orders are 8 translucent lamination vinyl stickers to be placed over the printed name label, to label shoes. For each packet of Kidz Sticks the school sells, they receive R20.

2. Iron-on labels (part of the fundraiser)

Our Iron on clothing labels are also part of the fundraiser. Iron On Clothing labels are made out of polysatin. It is very durable and the ink is burned into the media, so it won’t wash off. Iron on Clothing labels has got a white background with the name printed in black. The clothing labels cost R50 for 25 labels. For each packet the school sells, they receive R5.

3. Bag Tags (part of the fundraiser)

Bag Tags are PVC cards (like your bank card) that has the child’s name printed on the one side, and on the other side, a place to write your child’s “in case of emergency” contact details with a permanent marker. It will also have a hole punched in it and a tampered free fastener for

secure fastening. A Bag Tag set cost R50 and you receive 2 Bag Tags (identical to each other) for this amount.

The school receives R10 per set sold.

4. Teach Sticks (Not part of the fundraiser)

Teach Sticks are good quality vinyl stickers with a full color background and positive words of encouraging written on. A sheet of Teach Sticks costs R18. These stickers aren’t part of the fundraising project and we ask the minimum amount for it. If the school sells more than 100 Kidz Sticks, the school receives 10 Teach Sticks free of charge!

How does a school fundraiser through Kidz Sticks work?

Kidz Sticks provides all your promotional items (pamphlets, order forms, examples of stickers etc.) free if charge.

The school receives R20 per packet of Kidz Sticks labels, R5 per set of Iron on labels and R10 per set of Bag Tags sold.

With our fundraiser, you can raise funds for your school, class or even a specific individual in your school, and also help the parents to label their children’s stationary the easy way! No more pens and pencils getting lost!

Terms and Conditions for selling Kidz Sticks.

1. To use Kidz Sticks as a fundraiser, the school must sell 50 or more packets of Kidz Sticks.

2. The headmaster must give a written permission for the fundraiser.

3. Kidz Sticks has been part of fundraisers for schools since 2008. In this time we also came across individuals that used Kidz Sticks for their own personal gain by using our products as a fundraiser without our permission. We want to help schools and communities to raise funds for specific needs but if you didn’t ask permission from Kidz Sticks to use our product as a fundraiser, we’re not oblige to give you the commission.

4. Kidz Sticks will only pay postage for 2 parcels via ordinary postage. 1) sending your pamphlets, and 2) sending your school’s total Kidz Sticks order.

Does the school have any expenses?

If we send you pamphlets and orders via the post office, postage is free. If you need it a.s.a.p., we can send it via couriers, but the school has to pay for the courier expenses. Courier expenses can be between R150 – R200. If the school sells more than 100 Kidz Sticks labels, we’ll pay half of the courier cost.

What is the schools responsibility?

The person, who is in charge of the fundraiser at school, must first get permission from the principle. As soon as we receive written permission from the principle, all the material needed for the fundraiser will be send to the school. The pamphlets are send home with the children to order. The appointed teacher collects all the order forms from the classes. She/he then writes down all the names from the order forms on to a fax form and fax it to the Kidz Sticks office. Orders can also be send on a excel spread sheet and e-mailed to us


The class teachers can transfer their class’s orders onto the fax forms. Appointed teacher can collect fax forms from all the classes and fax it back to us. Please keep the original order forms to refer back to when you receive the labels from Kidz Sticks.

If using a fax vorm, please make sure that all names are written in an “easy to read” handwriting!

How long does it take to receive your orders?

Orders take approximately 5-6 weeks (from the day the pamphlets are send home from school, until the school receive back the printed Kidz Sticks labels from us). Orders can only be delivered when payment of the order is paid in full into the Kidz Sticks account.

We hope you will be fully satisfied with our products and service and that the funds you’ll raise will assist the school with the project of your choice.

If you are interested in our fundraiser, please fill in the form below and e-mail ( the form back to us.

Kind regards

Dirk & Linda

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