About Kidzsticks

Kidz Sticks is the brainchild of Hildegard Staats. This is a business that is born out of a strong educational background. Because Hildegard is a teacher and mother, she knows how much time is taken up with the branding of pens, pencils, lunch boxes, etc.  Today, Kidz Sticks are owned and managed by Hildegard’s brother Dirk Botha and his wife, to be, Linda Eberwein.

Dirk has been  responsible for Kidz Sticks designs and corporate image since day one and Linda, also having a nine year old, knows exactly parent’s frustration when their children’s stationary are not branded and gets lost. From this background Kidz Sticks was born. It is beautiful full color stickers on which the pupil’s name is printed. These stickers are made of durable vinyl and the ink will not wash off when it is pasted on goods such as lunch boxes and water bottles.

Using fundraising, Kidz Sticks is honored to invest and give back to the community. more about fundraising.

Our children are our future, and it is our responsibility to inspire our children for a positive future. Teach Sticks are uplifting and motivational stickers with words that parents and teachers can use to encourage good behavior. We hope that you will have the same enjoyment from Kidz Sticks as we have in creating them.

If you have any queries about our product , please Contact Us.